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Custom Sex Doll

So far, a love doll usually costs you 1,000-2,000 US dollars in money, which is a small expense for anyone. If the final product does not satisfy you, then you can I’m sorry, so we will provide a sex doll that can be customized, so that you can participate in the making of sex dolls wholeheartedly so that the final result is more satisfied with your fantasy sex doll, then how to make a sex doll? We will fully show you this process. Building your own sex doll usually requires you to have a general plan for your custom sex doll. For example, you have to choose whether you want a sexy DIY sex doll or a Pure customize sex doll, of course, you can also directly give us the photo of the girl you have a crush on, let us build a sex doll like her, not only the appearance, you can customize the places including custom sex Dolls’ body type, head type, eye color, skin tone, hairstyle, pubic hair, vagina type, standing posture, and homemade sex doll materials, etc. When these customizable sex dolls are carved, we will send you the finished photos. If you need to modify, we will modify it according to your requirements until you are satisfied.

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