The skin is firm and lasting, free of impurities and dirt. However, you should protect the doll from soiling and sturdy clothing. If you like dirty clothes, you need to wash them before putting them on the doll. Make sure the mattress will not die (if you are unsure, you can put the clothes under the doll’s feet for a few hours to see if the feet are dirty). Lightweight and unclean clothes are good for idols.

If you are not sure whether the sex doll will be stained by clothes. Before putting clothes on the doll, press the clothes against the bottom of the doll’s feet, and open it after 1-2 hours to see if there is any dyeing.

TPE is a collective term for a variety of elastomer materials, and silicone rubber is a special kind of rubber.

Both silicone and TPE are high-quality sex doll materials. Silicone is generally considered the more durable material, while TPE is considered the most realistic material. This is the main attribute of each material. The main difference is that the molecular structure of silicon is SI02, while the molecular structure of TPE is CC

Silicone – Browse silicone sex dolls
A little harder than TPE, but also more durable.
quite expensive.
Easy to clean.
Safe for humans.

TPE-Browse TPE sex dolls
TPE feels softer.
More realistic “beating” body parts (breasts, buttocks, etc.).
The material is more elastic, which makes the doll more flexible at the joints.
Good thermal insulation.
Cheaper than silicone.
Can be in contact with people safely
Not as durable as silicone-it needs to be cleaned and maintained more carefully.

Learn more about the difference between silicone and TPE. click here.

At Mailovedoll, the default option does not include a built-in heating element. However, you can add it to the doll through customization.

The doll should be cleaned every 10-20 days. After the bath, apply a protective powder (baby powder) to prevent seeds or cracking. After making love to the doll, immediately clean the key parts like the vagina and anus. It is important to maintain hygiene and prevent the growth of bacteria.

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