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We are the spokesperson for Cheapestsexdoll, a Chinese company. When we opened the world’s first character model in China in 2020, we wrote a new page.
To date, we have shipped to more than 100 countries. We have representatives in other countries and are still looking for representatives in several countries. Our factory mode uses advanced simulation software developed with the latest environmentally friendly materials (TPE) and adopts advanced and selective manufacturing technology to create a skin in addition to that sweet, soft and comfortable mode, with a natural feel and feel of hydration, firming and human skin. All equipment is subject to national standards and the maintenance of standards that are not harmful to the human body and the environment.


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Silicone dolls are not only for adult sex toys but also for artwork. We create beauty and dreams.

Our goal is to promote openness and professionalism to achieve progressive and complete success. BLSD consistently creates better and more accessible images.

Different types of products and the best performances are our intermediate competition. The improved performance of silicone sex gloves makes us more and more perfect. We believe there will be an emerging and growing market in the future.